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Benefits of Pre-Birth Acupuncture

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Acupuncture does it again. Acupuncture is a highly effective, safe and natural method for many pregnancy concerns women face almost always. In recent years this ancient technique has been gaining more and more recognition for helping pregnant women maintain optimal health. As it should.  Pre-birth acupuncture is used during final weeks of pregnancy, the 36th week until the end of ...

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Inherited family trauma and healing through Family Constellations

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If you don’t know what it is you’re looking for, how could you possibly find it? Anxiety, fear, financial worries, depression, illness and unhappy relationships can all be forms of inherited emotional trauma. Our current therapeutic models rarely identify the unconscious family dynamics that underlie many of the physical, emotional and psychological symptoms that we experience. Left unresolved, these traumas, ...

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Synergy with voice therapy in an integrated health clinic

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Voice therapy within an integrated health clinic setting works together with a variety of modalities to support health and wellness. A Synergistic approach to healthcare is one of the special attributes of Empower Health. Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia ...

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Personal Reflection on Community Acupuncture

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Reflecting on my personal experience doing community acupuncture: By Kevin Scrimgeour As an acupuncturist , I've working for over 15 years in dozens of settings and seeing thousands of patients. My practice has evolved, surprisingly, to be a better fit in a community setting. Looking back over my experiences and case histories some things I could never seem to have good luck ...

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Being Healthy this Winter

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Acupuncture to get you healthy this winter Common symptoms in winter, sneezing, coughing, sore throat and headaches … does this sound familiar to you? Unfortunately winter isn’t all about Christmas and ski trips. The cold and damp weather brings a variety of colds and flus that can really put a damper on the season. Did you know that acupuncture treats and ...

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RMT can help with Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis is clearly known by that burning, tearing, hot, painful feeling on the bottom of the foot, typically starting on the heel and sometimes travelling into the arches of the feet. The pain is at its worst in the morning getting out of bed to stand as well as after a long day at work. It is the culmination of ...

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