Speaker Series

Cutting Edge Speakers at the Forefronts of Health & Wellness!

Health is about more than just diet, exercise and drugs, it’s about empowering yourself with knowledge and insight, so you can make the best choices for YOU. It’s also about creating community and gathering together to discuss important topics that affect all of us!

Empower Health brings you an amazing line of guest speakers here to talk to you about cutting edge, up-to-date and relevant health issues facing you, your family, your community and your world!

Recent Keynote Speakers have included Dr. Gabor Mate, Catherine and Duane O’Kane (Clearmind International), Paola Ardiles (Bridge for Health) and more!

Check out our YouTube Channel for recordings of these amazing Events!

Empower Speaker Series Dr. Gabor Mate

Dr. Gabor Mate | When We Eat not to Nourish but to Nurture:  Emotional Eating & Addition

Empower Speaker Series Catherine O'Kane

Catherine O’Kane | All Relationships Are Meant to Work

Empower Speaker Series Paola Ardiles

Paola Ardiles | Creating Healthy & Happy Workplaces

Empower Speaker Series Dr. David Wang

Dr. David Wang, ND | Stress & Hormonal Imbalance, A 21st Century Epidemic

Empower Speaker Series Ishtar Beck

Ishtar Beck | Parenting ABC’s: Attachment + Boundaries = Confidence!

…  and many more!!