Joshua Borlase – Vancouver Masssage Therapy

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Josh Borlase is a Vancouver Massage Therapist specializing in:

  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • and more!

Josh wants to heal the world through positive touch. In a high-tech world that cuts people off from one another, our bodies often lack this primary form of connection and healing. Did you know that babies that never receive touch will die? Touch has also been shown to decrease stress;a major contributor to some of the leading chronic health conditions.

From musical theatre to tech support, Josh has run a sinuous route through life prior to graduating from the prestigious West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Canada’s leading massage therapy school. Josh understands the importance of getting to the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, and uses a systematic approach to tackling your problems, whether it be healing from injury or having optimal function for high level athletics. Josh wants to help you recover from injury and chronic pain, respiratory disorders, chronic headaches, limited range of motion and postural imbalance. He can also help you with adaptive ergonomics, post-operative rehabilitation, and exercise regimens.

You should see Josh if you are struggling with:

  • Pain or Injury
  • Acute and Chronic Stress

Book a particular service:

  • Movement problems
  • Tension Headaches