About Jane Courtney

As a trauma therapist, Jane understands that there is (a fundamental connection) always connection between your physical and emotional state, and that after physical or emotional trauma all kinds of symptoms can manifest, including illness, long-term stressors, insomnia, depression, difficulties in relationships and more. With a love for exploring “what makes people tick,” along with the ability to help treat a wide variety of physical and emotional injuries, Jane is here to help you and your family members through individual or group instruction. She is available both in person and via Skype.

Mother’s Day – Presence Not Presents

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Mother's Day. I am struck by how often there are deep feelings of grief that arise for some of us on Mothers Day. I want to acknowledge that grief. Even the word “mother” can deeply affect or triggered some women. There may be traumatic events, deep longings to be mothers or recent rows. There may ...

You can’t talk your way out of Anxiety!

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Does this sound like you?   High anxiety.  Too many things to do.  Financial troubles.  Stress of deadlines or family pressures.  Recent accident or surgery.  Sleepless nights. Overly tight muscles or pain.  Think you might have PTSD? It may feel like your concentration is gone, and you can’t sleep. Your chest is tight or your throat feels ...