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Anahita Sebti, RN Registered Nurse

iKAT Intake Coordinator & KAT RN

Anahita is a registered nurse who is serving in the role of Integrated Ketamine Assisted Therapy Intake Coordinator. She is your main point person as you navigate through our iKAT program and is here to provide support through the intake process when it comes to understanding what we can offer you, and what your experience will be like in our program. She will make recommendations for you to other services that could be supportive of your health and healing journey. 

She comes to Empower Health with eleven years of diverse clinical, research and academic experiences working in a variety of community and primary health care settings, mainly in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Toronto, Tanzania, and most recently at the RISE Community Health Centre. Her clinical, research and academic work have focused on supporting systematically marginalized communities (e.g. Indigenous, homeless and migrant populations, as well as, populations living with trauma, mental health issues, substance use issues, and HIV). Over her years of work she has come to intimately understand how the effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences shape the psychology, neurobiology, and physical health of individuals. Her previous studies include a Global Health Clinical Nurse Specialist Masters from McGill University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of British Columbia. 

She has consciously immersed herself into the psychedelic assisted modality of therapy, which has allowed her to create a relationship with her inner healer, to connect with spirit and has allowed her to be the healthiest version of herself. She is grateful to have these experiences to share with her clients. Anahita connects with her client’s health journey from the understanding that health goes beyond the absence of illness and disease, but which sees health as a resource for living influenced by broad social determinants, which have equipped her to provide compassionate, healing centered and culturally sensitive care. 

She aspires to make psychedelic assisted therapy more inclusive and accessible through decolonizing practices. She is committed to finding ways to acknowledge, honor, hold, heal and repair our individual and collective forms of trauma and embodied-oppression.

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