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Estefannie (Stef) Smith, RN Registered Nurse

After 5 years of acute care nursing, Stef decided to shift her career towards Holistic Nursing; she completed a Holistic Nurse and Health & Wellness Nurse coaching program and is currently preparing to sit for exams to become board certified.  In addition to Holistic Nursing and mental health practices, her interests encompass the mind-body-spirit-environment with a passion for preventative medicine and nutrition. 


Estefannie believes that in order to heal your body, your mind must also heal. Her interest in mental health and using psychedelics as a tool to support her clients healing journey has brought her to Empower’s Integrated Ketamine Assisted Therapy team. Stef may support you during your initial intake, will answer any questions you have and will support you and ensure you are safe during your ketamine sessions.  Additional to ensuring you are safe medically she supports your mind, body and spirit holistically and compassionately to hold space for whatever healing is to take place for you.

Services that Stef Provides are:

  • Ketamine-assisted therapy (pre-sessions, monitoring, integration)

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