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Kristen Duncan, Physio & Fascial Therapist

Kristen Duncan, BScPT Physio & Fascial Therapy

Kristen the Physio and Fascial Therapist (BSc PT, BA Psych) brings a diverse range of training and practical experience in both conventional and holistic modalities, as well as a long personal history in athletics, including Ironman Penticton in 1999. Her degrees in Psychology (1996) and Physiotherapy (2003) from the University of British Columbia have served as a strong foundation from which her professional and personal development have unfolded. After graduating from UBC, Kristen was drawn to study forms of therapy that consider the mind-body as an interconnected whole. Soon after completing her physio studies, Kristen studied myofascial release with John F. Barnes, and craniosacral therapy through the Milne Institute. She has also pursued advanced orthopeadic techniques through the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute.


Kristen has worked in a diverse range of environments over the course of her career, including private practice, hospital settings, multi-disciplinary pain programs, and mobile, community services including stroke and post-surgical rehabilitation.


In 2008, Kristen travelled to Slovenia to learn from a world-renouned therapist who developed a very potent and effective method of Bioenergy Therapy more than 35 years ago. She continued her training in North America and earned her complete certification in PureBioenergy Therapy in October 2011 (


With her diverse background and natural curiosity for learning and exploring, Kristen is able to draw on a broad range of modalities and career experiences to inspire and assist her clients in recovering from an injury or reducing their pain. Physio sessions with Kristen are 1 hour in length, one-on-one & primarily hands-on, manual therapy-focused, but will also include exercise prescription and education.


Kristen is not accepting new clients at this time and is away on sabbatical.  Please call the front desk, 604-336-2844 to book in with our Osteopath or one of our Manual Therapists for a similar treatment.

Book in with Kristen Duncan today, if you are experiencing:

  • Acute or Chronic Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Postural Pain
  • Injury
  • Stress-related issues
  • Arthritis
  • Repetitive Strain Conditions
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprains or Strains

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Happy Clients!

““I ‘discovered’ Kristen seven years ago when I was dealing with chronic shoulder pain. Through a combination of Physiotherapy techniques and Bioenergy Therapy, I obtained complete relief in a matter of months. This was incredible for me because I had spent years trying other therapies including TENS, ultrasound, physiotherapy, exercises and finally surgery without getting lasting relief. I consider Kristen my primary medical healer – she has deep knowledge and is gifted in a wide range of healing therapies. She has also helped me with skin problems and post surgery wrist healing. Kristen creates a relaxed and secure setting and after treatments, I not only feel wonderful but also confident that healing will continue and that my own healing ability has been reawakened.””
Jean Dyer
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