Naturopathic IV therapy consists of intravenous administration of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. This type of therapy can serve anyone from professional athletes to people with acute and chronic illnesses. It can be used to optimize health, prevent sickness, as well as correct nutrient deficiencies. Through IV therapy, it is possible to achieve concentrations of nutrients in the blood that are not obtainable orally. Giving nutrients intravenously means 100% absorption of them and enables complete hydration of the body. This is important because there are many digestive conditions that prevent proper absorption of nutrients, leading to a decline in health. The higher doses achievable through IV therapy enables cells to achieve improved intracellular levels of nutrients, which is essential for their proper function and healthy maintenance status.


Naturally, we are meant to absorb nutrients from our diets. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can impede us from acquiring all the nutrients that our bodies need to function optimally. From the way food is grown -in sometimes nutrient and mineral deficient soil and bathed with pesticides, to the way food is processed and refined (where often many nutrients are lost), and ultimately, how we choose to cook our food and the type of food we decide to eat (commonly carb heavy, and low in vegetables) – these are all factors that can result in our bodies needing to work at a sub-optimal nutrient status daily. Resulting in symptoms like fatigue, poor mood, frequent colds or flus, chronic infections, skin issues, sleep disturbances, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, indigestion, amongst others. Correcting the body’s nutrient status can improve general well-being, keeping the body feeling and looking younger, from the very cellular level.

Doctor-Carolina-Leon-preparing-IVIt is not uncommon to find most people’s lifestyles to have some degree of stress. We often think of stress as being manifested by our mood or a feeling of anxiety caused by life events. But the reality is that stress stems from many other factors as well. Our body secretes a hormone called cortisol every time it experiences stress. This hormone has an impact in many bodily processes, from our mood, our digestion, hormonal balancing, to our immune system. There are many sources of stress in addition to life events, for example, strenuous exercise is a form of stress in the body, as well as environmental toxins (such as pollution and heavy metals or toxins ingested from our diet), and infections. These are all forms of stress, which can produce free radicals and inflammation.

Nutrients, such as vitamin C and glutathione, are potent antioxidants that the body uses up in times of stress. IV therapies are a great way to replenish these nutrients. Vitamin C and glutathione are also essential for other bodily functions including tissue healing, and reduction of inflammation, as well as detoxification.

Overall, IV therapy is a way for the body to be “flooded” with nutrients, thereby improving biochemical pathways by providing it with the cofactors and elements it needs to perform normal physiological processes, thus enabling hormonal balancing, neurotransmitter and mood stabilization, and prevention of DNA damage and disease.

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