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Integrative Health Assessments

Are you looking for an individualized healthcare approach you can count on, but are just unsure of what exactly you need?

Do you want a second opinion about a stubborn health condition and are getting nowhere with your regular doctors?

Maybe you want a solid team of practitioners that work together to give you the tools and guidance you need to reach your health goals?

If you’ve found us, it’s because you’re ready for something different, a radical approach to integrated healthcare.

Step 1:   Your Story

Complete and submit our comprehensive online Health Questionnaire to get the process started!

Step 2: Your Assessment

Your journey starts with the first visit.  Supervised by a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, you get a complete review of your health history, including family history, past health conditions, current symptoms and, if needed, a physical exam.

Check our convenient online booking calendar below, or call to book: 604-336-2844.

Your Integrated Health Assessment costs only $90, a fraction of the price of a regular naturopathic assessment, and:

Includes a re-analysis of your past labs

Can be claimed under Naturopathic Benefits.

We even do Direct Billing to your insurance company!

Be sure to take time and collect all your important health records, including:

Past labs, blood work, and diagnostics

Your extended health plan insurance benefits information

Your MSP Premium Assistance status

This will help us put together a treatment plan for you that maximizes your resources!

Step 3: Your Way Forward!

Together, we’ll come up with a plan that works for you, both meeting your needs today and setting you on a clear path to wellness.

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