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Empowering Health Programs Designed for YOU!

Our Integrated Health Programs are designed to bring together different therapies based on your needs. Each program starts with a comprehensive assessment, where we work with you to create a customized plan for moving forward. As a team, we communicate with both you and each other about your case, in order to provide you the best care possible.

We are also committed to providing affordable options. Whether it’s group acupuncture, counselling & parenting groups, or health education seminars, we are continuously adding new options!

All Programs:

Affordable Health Care

Not everything requires a costly private visit!  From group acupuncture to parenting classes, we are committed to providing you with affordable, effective and innovative options for your health. Page coming soon! Call for more information:  604-336-2844

Stress Program

Chronic stress will chip away at your wellbeing.  It’s time to turn overwhelm, anxiety and fatigue into resilience, focus, freedom and joy through our truly integrated approach to stress elimination. Page coming soon! Call for more information:  604-336-2844

Parents & Children

Kids don’t come with manual!  And every parent has felt the guilt and shame over disliking, and sometimes even hating, their own children…  You are not alone!  Transform your relationship with your child & learn key skills. Page coming soon! Call for more information:  604-336-2844

Integrated Trauma Program

Trauma, whether from a single event or repeated life stressors, leaves a profound imprint on your nervous system.  Sometimes talk therapy is not enough… or too much!  Our therapies span over proven body-based, inherited trauma clearing, and appropriate physiological support to get your nervous system grounded again. Page coming soon! Call for more information:  604-336-2844

Natural Beauty

Our unique approach to beauty is designed to get you glowing from the inside out. Therapies from breathwork and connective tissue therapy, to skin microneedling, facial acupuncture, are used to get stimulate your own body into looking great naturally and more permanently. Page coming soon! Call for more information:  604-336-2844

Pregnancy & Postpartum

We are here to support mothers during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, including:  hands-on and medical therapies (such as prenatal massage, nutrition, labour induction, pelvic & uterus realignment, and more) and emotional support (such as labour support groups, postpartum counselling, and much more). Page coming soon! Call for more information:  604-336-2844

Integrated Sexuality

Are you experiences blocks in your sexuality?  Are you lacking pleasure in your life?  Do you have past sexual traumas that have not fully had the space to heal?  Integrated Sexuality takes into account all forms of sexual expression and includes counselling, manual therapy and shamanic healing techniques for men, women & all genders. Page coming soon! Call for more information:  604-336-2844

Unsure of what you need?

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