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Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbal consultations

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the oldest healing systems in the world. It is a type of holistic, natural health care system that has been in continuous practice for thousands of years. It is formed by summarizing the previous experience of understanding life, fighting diseases and maintaining health. The key for TCM principles is:

“Your body is an integrated whole, each structure in your body is an integral and necessary part of the whole. You are completely connected to nature, changes in nature are always reflected your body. You were born with a natural self-healing ability. Prevention is the best cure, your body is continually revealing signs about the state of your health and TCM teaches you how to interpret what your body is telling you”.

The aim of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to correct imbalances in the body and primarily work in three major ways: addressing the patient’s external factors, helping patients relate to their emotions in a healthy way, improving someone’s lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise routine.

How can Chinese Medicine help me?

TCM is very powerful to help you overcome chronic or acute pain, insomnia, depression or anxiety, fatigue, indigestion, high blood pressure, infertility, hormonal imbalances. And it is also a great tool in preventive medicine, it helps to strengthen the immune systems and keep wellness.

To support your healing journey in between the sessions, Empower Health has a wide range of high quality, third-party tested, non-adulterated and non-toxic Chinese Herbs, in order to give you a custom formulation to suit your needs.  Chinese herbs are very powerful and best used in combination with Acupuncture. Our initial consultation is 30 mins and follow-ups are 20 mins.

Herbal medicine is the major part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is the study and use of the medicinal properties of plants, flowers, seeds, and roots to correct an imbalance in the body, keep health and treat ailments. Chinese herbs are ascribed qualities such as cooling or stimulating and are used, often in combination, according to the patient’s condition. Herbs have powerful, gentle and effective medicinal effects with advantages over conventional drugs due to their minimal side effect profile. When used properly in the right dose they can be accompanied with acupuncture and other treatments.

Treatment costs:

  • Initial Chinese Medicine & Herbal Consultation:  $60 (herbs are paid separately)

Our initial consultation is 30 mins and includes individually compounded Chinese herbs formula that will work exactly for you.

  • Herbal adjustment follow-ups:  $30 (herbs are paid separately)

The formula needs to be adjusted several times during your health journey to make sure that the treatment works best for you.

Recommended Follow-up Schedule:

  • 1st follow-up: 3 days later
  • 2nd follow-up: 1 week later
  • Then weekly or as needed ongoing