Working with the breath is one of the oldest, direct and powerful means of supporting our bodies to heal.  These methods contribute to both your physical and mental healing by opening restricted breathing patterns and clearing your subconscious mind from repressed emotional patterns, supporting you to open to the joy and abundance of life.

To live a fully expressed and “healed” life, you must be connected to your own breathing, and heal dysfunctional breathing patterns.  Breathing is regulated both autonomically and consciously, and is influenced by current and past traumas.

Using breathwork, gentle joint manipulation and energy release techniques, you will:

  • build awareness of your breathing patterns,
  • notice where your breathing might be shallow or laboured
  • learn to breathe more deeply and fully into all parts of your body

Your breathing journey will be accompanied by evocative music and sound to create vibrations that penetrate deep into the body and calm the mind and nervous system. 

This is the beginning of a transformative breathwork journey that will transform all aspects of your life, and help you to live in a fully expressed way, inspiring you to:

  • connect to and cultivate a relationship with the inner healer;
  • develop free expression and release hidden inner emotional tensions stored in the body;
  • regulate breath and strengthen our emotional intelligence;
  • cultivate finer feelings such as gratitude, generosity and joy;
  • bring us in touch with deep stillness, peace and bliss;
  • bypass the dominance of the intellect to reveal our natural intuition and insight.

At Empower Health we offer private breathwork sessions and group classes.  For private sessions, book online below!  For groups, please call to book:  604-336-2844

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