Breath is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. As your psychology has an effect on your breathing patterns, your breath has an effect on your psychology. Most of us only use only 30% percent of our breathing capacity. Because of this, you experience a lack of oxygen which causes fatigue, stress, and ultimately, disease. Private breathwork sessions can be used to boost energy, maintain health, and create a deeper connection with your authentic self and they can be used in a series of sessions over the course of a few weeks is a powerful method for treating stress-related symptoms, such as panic attacks, anxiety, sleeping disorders, chronic pain, and depression.

At Empower Heath we are pleased to offer a unique style of breathwork facilitated by one of our practitioners, Shama Zeynep. Shama is a transformational breath therapist and a graduate of a 4 yr program at the Diamond Breath school in Italy. Shama has been training and practicing in the field of Breath Therapy and Body-Psychotherapy for more than a decade.

shama eventWhat makes Shama’s approach unique in breathwork is, her depth of knowledge and her extensive training in various Body-Psychotherapy methods; Bodynamics and Reichian Therapy. This particular training makes it possible for Shama to identify the developmental stage disruptions and traumas in her clients. And the possible outcome of these conditions in the client’s muscular structure related to their particular history.

With this training, all the information that Shama needs to help you what is what you’ve registered in your body, and in your muscle structure, no need to talk things through. Shama can fine tune her approach with you and combine other healing modalities during breathwork sessions while helping you experience a gentle release and regulation of your nervous system without it being overwhelming.

The unique styles of Breathwork that Shama offers at Empower Health are:

1. Diamond Breathwork—Freedom technique

The Diamond Breathwork modality pulls influence from Reichian methods and Bioenergetics. This type of breathwork aims to break your body’s armour by targeting specific belts of muscular tension. This helps to open your body by releasing old tension and survival energy that’s stuck in the system.

Reich Theory is based on the belief that emotional repression blocks human vitality, not only on mentally and emotionally, but physically too.

During childhood, your muscles contract as a response to fearful or overwhelming situations, which is healthy and normal. However, if the muscles remain in that contracted state, it becomes unhealthy. When these muscle contractions lock, the body loses some of its natural core wisdom and develops disturbed breathing patterns which inhibit health, life energy, and that feeling of aliveness.

By working with segmental armouring, you let go of inhibitions that block energy flow and tension being held in your system. This work is for people who want to dive deep into the wisdom of their body and let go of the heavy baggage from past—and current—life events.

The seven belts of muscular tension this work targets:

  1. Ocular
  2. Oral
  3. Cervical
  4. Thoracic
  5. Diaphragm
  6. Abdominal
  7. Pelvic

Who is Diamond Breathwork good for?

Everyone, but please note that trauma clients might need previous introduction sessions and regulation work before this process.

How this modality is offered:

  1. A single appointment, where you’ll experience emotional freedom and a deeper connection with your authentic self.
  2. A series of sessions, where you explore deep-release with all seven segments of muscular armouring.


You will feel:

  • More alive and in your body, which will allow for greater spontaneous expression
  • Deep release of buried emotions and a feeling of opening in your body
  • A greater sense of wellbeing
  • Improvements in your breathing
  • An expanded capacity to feel and express emotions
  • A more relaxed, loosened-up body
  • Less pain
  • Better able to sleep
  • Sharpened self-awareness and increased vibrancy in your body

2. Somatic Pulsation Trauma Resolution Breathwork

Trauma resolution breathwork sessions are Shama’s specially curated combination of Somatic work and Reichian Methods. These breathwork sessions are designed to help people who are suffering from severe traumatic events.

Somatic pulsation is a gentle trauma-resolution technique that targets the completion of self-protection responses in a unique way. When your natural survival impulses—fight, flight, and freeze—get disrupted, your nervous system loses its ability to self-regulate and you start to live with the shadow of trauma.

Every nervous system is unique and needs to be treated as such. You are encouraged and supported in high-power releases of emotions and muscular tension and know that some nervous systems need a gentler approach, so your action plan varies depending on your unique needs.

With this gentle work, your nervous system is supported in completing the activation-and-deactivation cycle, resulting in a deeper coherence and self-regulation within it. This leads to feeling more harmony, ease, and peace.

What do these sessions help solve?

  • PTSD
  • TRAUMA-oriented nervous system dysregulations
  • Chronic pain
  • Sleeping disorders
  • People who simply want to experience a different sort of breathwork that focuses on releasing the negative effects trauma has on their muscular system and joints.


You will feel:

  • More alive and in your body, which will allow for greater spontaneous expression;
  • An opening in your body and a gentle emotional release;
  • Trauma resolution—concluded survival energies that were disrupted in the past;
  • A greater sense of wellbeing;
  • An unburdening of old emotional baggage, leading to a feeling of lightness;
  • Freer and more pleasurable sexuality and sensuality;
  • More love, joy, trust, and laughter;
  • Expanded capacity to feel and express emotions;
  • A more relaxed, more loose body;
  • Improved breathing;
  • Less pain;
  • Better able to sleep;


To feel the release and relief from a breathwork session, book in with Shama Zeynep below!