Fundraising for our new Syrian neighbours!

We’re making it EASY for you to help this Holiday Season!

What are you thankful for this holiday season? Maybe it’s your family? Your job? Your friends?

For some of Global Community, just being alive and (if LUCKY) with family members, is all that they have left… and faint hope for a better life. We’ve all seen the photos, heard the news.

It’s confusing, devastating, and difficult to know what to do…

So, we decided to do some research to figure out what the most effective way to donate money and resources to this enormous and daunting cause, and came up with using the GoFundMe website to collect our donations for the UNITED WAY LOWER MAINLAND REFUGEE program.

We will essentially just transfer any money that we collect from all of you, straight over to them! We trust that the resources will get into the right hands!

To find out more about the United Way Refugee Program, click here.

And click here to make your donation today!

The Empower Health Team will also be donating $2 of every visit between December 11 and 23.

Clients can drop off Cash/Cheques directly to our office, made out to the United Way.


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