Be Intense! The Feminine Energy Treasure Map

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“Be bold, have your experience,”  says Samar Shata to a captive audience at Empower Health Clinic, on Commercial Drive, East Vancouver.  Samar is a psychotherapist, with a focus on women and the Feminine Experience.   Her talk was titled the Feminine Energy Treasure Map. How we label human experience. She explains how the medical system labels ...

Upcoming Events at the Empower Health Studio!

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GREAT Events coming up at Empower Health! Painless Childbirth - Hypnotherapy Seminar Date: Sun May 29th   Time: 2pm-4pm   Cost: $50 per person with Kevin Scrimgeour R.Ac. & Jenn Strangeway A two-hour seminar which will give you all the basics you need to start learning the skill set for a painless childbirth to help reduce ...

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