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Treatment Plans and Pricing

While KAT is not currently covered by most extended benefits, our team at Empower Health and other groups are passionate about equitable access to these services and are involved in research and other initiatives to increase its affordability.

We understand that this is a commitment and requires some financial planning and strongly encourage checking with your health insurance providers about coverage for aspects of this therapy. 

For those who are new to KAT, to have the best opportunity to facilitate a lasting change a minimum of 3 sessions is highly recommended. 

Single Session : $1992.50

Cost for 3 Sessions : $3387.50 – including a 15% discount on the price of the sessions

The care you will receive at Empower Health is one-size-fits-one that is focussed on your individual and unique care needs. Please keep this in mind as there may be additional treatments and appointments recommended and discussed with you as a part of your integrative care plan that may involve an added cost.

Here is the next step:

One of our iKAT Intake Coordinators will contact you.

Ketamine FAQs

For other questions like these, head to the helpful FAQ on the Ketamine Assisted Therapy Association (KATA) of Canada’s website.