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Meditation Therapy

We highly believe the positive effects of daily meditation therapy practice in emotional and physical health. After many years of research about meditation therapy and its effects, it is proven that meditation therapy can be the medicine by itself or it can be complementary to any kind of therapy.

What makes our meditation therapy sessions unique is our many years of experience in different meditation practices and qualified practitioners who have deep knowledge of the human nervous system. With the light of that information, our meditation facilitators developed the skill to choose and teach a different kind of meditation technique that will fit the unique needs of each one of our clients. We have nearly 30 different meditation therapy techniques that we can offer in the clinic.

Our statement is “Not every meditation technique is appropriate for everyone”. Before we choose the right meditation practice for our clients, first we observe their nervous system, we have an information about their lifestyle, physical conditions and we try to understand their challenges and complains. Some nervous systems are so highly activated that they need an active meditation technique to help them release their mental, emotional and physical stress before they even try to be in silence. And some are ready enough to experience and practice some other techniques which involve more breath awareness and witnessing. The key to successful meditation practice is to be able to find the right technique for your unique self. And this is what we are providing for our patients and individuals who are looking for better way of living or spiritual practice at Empower Health.

“Meditation was found to be as effective to treat anxiety and depression as antidepressant drugs”

Benefits of meditation therapy are:

  • Decreases depression;
  • Helps to regulate mood and anxiety disorders;
  • Helps to reduce symptoms of panic disorders;
  • Increases concentration;
  • Increases grey matter concentration in the brain;
  • Improves psychomotor vigilance;
  • Improves information processing and decision making;
  • Helps to regulate nervous system;
  • Engages us with more joy and positive thinking;
  • Improves mood and psychological well-being.

Our meditation therapy offerings include:

  • Mindfulness,
  • Vipassana,
  • Mandala,
  • Gibberish,
  • Kundalini,
  • Dynamic,
  • Heart,
  • Chakra,
  • Breath,
  • Devavani,
  • Nadabrahma,
  • Centre of Sound,
  • Third eye,
  • Natural,
  • Chakra sounds,
  • Prayer,
  • Laughter,
  • Mahamudra,
  • And most of other Osho Active Meditations.