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Integrative Health Assessments

Receive a comprehensive and individualised Integrative Health Assessment from a naturopathic medical student including a detailed review of your history, labs and diagnostics and your current condition.

Work together with a solid team of practitioners who can give you a second opinion or work with you on a stubborn health condition to get to the root causes of your concerns.

This program is run under the direct supervision of our naturopathic clinical team and is in partnership with the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Boucher Campus.

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Step 1

Book Online Today!

Step 3

Register for ChARM & Fill the Questionnaire

Give us one business day to register you on our ChARM portal

You will receive an email subject line: “Patient Portal Registration”

Follow the steps to create your account

Once you have verified your account and are logged in, click “Questionnaires” and fill out the ND-003 & 004 form that has been shared with you.

Step 4

Collect your Labs & Diagnostics

…and any relevant health documents from past five years:

Email them to us ahead of time as PDF files OR bring paper copies when you come


Your Integrated Health Assessment costs only $125, a fraction of the price of a regular naturopathic assessment, and:

Includes a re-analysis of your past labs

Can be claimed under Naturopathic Benefits.

We even do Direct Billing to your insurance company!


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