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MELT Method

The MELT Method is a revolutionary new self-care technique designed to eliminate pain and decrease the signs of aging.  It draws from the most up-to-date connective tissue science, as well as cutting edge therapies like osteopathy, neuromuscular reprogramming, myofascial release, fitness, and more.  Sue Hitzmann, MELT’s creator, has years of experience drawing from a vast academic background as well as thousands of hours treating clients.  

How does it work?

New research has revealed that the accumulation of stuck stress and dehydration of your connective tissue is a primary cause of joint instability, pain, and injury. MELT allows you to quickly rehydrate the system, allowing the natural release of long-held tension.

Using basic tools, including a SOFT body roller and four small balls, compression, lengthening and movement-based techniques are used to rebalance and reintegrate nervous system and connective tissue function.  

Results are immediate!  What was once only available through ongoing, costly hands-on therapies is now at your fingertips: changes in alignment, flexibility, energy, mood, and performance occur in only a few sessions.  Become your own Hands-off Bodyworker® and stay in control of your health!

Improve Athletic Performance:

Boost your competitive edge with the all-new MELT Performance Program!

MELT Performance is designed to improve your athletic performance and increase your range of motion, core strength, and joint stability. It also helps reduce post-exercise recovery time, as well as the aches and stiffness brought on by the impact of activity.  It is your secret weapon for achieving peak performance and helping prevent chronic pain and injuries.

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