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Dr. Sukhbinder Dhiman, MD Medical Doctor

Dr. Sukhbinder Dhiman completed his B.Sc in Pharmacy from UBC and attended medical school at Queen’s University.  He completed his family medicine and emergency medicine training at McGill University. He has practised Emergency Medicine at Surrey Memorial for the last 13 years, is the co-founder and chief medical officer for PureLife Cannabis Corporation. He is passionate about using technology and network effects to make effective psychedelic medicine treatment available widely in the healthcare and community settings. 

Dr. Dhiman’s mission is to honour the Oneness within all. This is accomplished by coming from heart, seeking truth, using his authentic voice to connect to source, and being a creative centre. He approaches his patients with kindness and humility. In his years of practice, he has cultivated an interest in wellness, longevity, psychedelic medicine, plant medicine and cannabis entrepreneurship. His interests include music, learning piano, learning handstands, reading, the use of money as a divine tool, and open water swimming.

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