Important facts you need to know about exercise and fitness

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I think three of the biggest things to understand are: the difference between GENERAL MOVEMENT (i.e. “physical activities”) vs. purposeful EXERCISE, the difference between exercising for HEALTH vs. FITNESS, the difference between HEALTHY MOVEMENT / BALANCE vs. FITNESS. For example, being “fit or being able to compete in a specific sport does not mean you ...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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If you ask any sufferers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, most will agree that this can be quite a nasty and debilitating condition. People who commonly acquire Carpal Tunnel Syndrome typically work in fields which over-use their forearm muscles and wrist: line-work manufacturers, chefs, butchers, sewers, office workers etc. It can also occur during pregnancy due ...

Direct Billing – Get Health Service Without Paying Upfront!

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What is Direct Billing for Extended Health Insurance? Employers everywhere are starting to see the benefit of including extended health insurance as part of a benefit package for their employees.  They are recognising that our standard medical system does not offer everything you might need to be a healthy, happy and productive employees.  Extended Health ...

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