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Mehmet Yaygin

Mehmet Yaygin, RCC Registered Clinical Counsellor

Mehmet Yaygin is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a graduate degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University. He has worked in the field of addictions for 3 years before starting his work in one on one counselling. Mehmet’s understanding of human psychology comprises both an individual and a systemic approach. The Individual perspective is informed by Somatic Psychology and the systemic one is by the Family Systems Theory.

Somatic Psychology:

When something is too much or too intense or too sudden, our nervous system goes into a state of shock. Then the survival part of the brain wakes up and bypasses the thinking/logical brain to take control of the ship. That is when our behaviour and our cognition “don’t make sense”. Somatic psychology studies the mechanics of this process that takes place in our bodies & brains and aims to help clients learn efficient ways of regulating their nervous systems.

Family Systems:

We are all born into a family with no memory of where we come from. In that system, people think and act and treat each other a certain way. We start learning specific ways of thinking & behaving in order to get the approval of the members of the family so that we can belong to that system. This is how we get programmed to behave in the world. Once we leave our nests, we still continue to behave the same way we are programmed. Family systems studies the mechanics of that behaviour formation and the aim to help clients define themselves in an intelligent, autonomous manner in the adult world.

Mehmet’s professional experience started in the workforce after he finished studying business. He experienced being in the business world for a decade until his family business went bankrupt during the 2008 financial crisis. He has experience working as a salaried employee and has a good understanding of how the daily grind takes its toll on the psyche. Mehmet has then gotten into the field of psychology and has become a lifelong student of the field.

Mehmet provides EMDR sessions in Empower Health Clinic. This specific modality helps us clear out the impact of past events, incidents, relationship that might have been too difficult for our brains to process in the past.



*This individual is a non-regulated health professional, meaning that they do not belong to a publicly regulated association or college.

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