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Counselling and Psychotherapy are a fundamental part of any treatment program and will accelerate your outcomes and make them last!  from feeling Better Now.

How we are different:

At Empower Health we believe that counselling is more than just “talk-therapy.”  Our skilled counselling practitioners guide you through powerful experiential processes to help you discover and release habitual patterns and beliefs that hold you back.

We help you get underneath what you are feeling on the surface, whether it is through releasing childhood trauma, or stored stress in your nervous system, or even problems you may have inherited from your ancestors.  You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you relate to others, and get tools to overcome ALL of your struggles.

Empower Health’s holistic counselling approach includes:

Depth Psychology: 

Heal the deepest level of your being, including thoughts and feelings that you are unaware of.

Family Systems Theory and Family Constellations

Examine the dynamics of the family you grew up in as well as those passed down through the generations.

Somatic Experiencing®

Release the pain, trauma and stored stress from your nervous system, where the core of your struggles are rooted.

Dr. Neufeld’s Developmental Attachment Theory 

Explore the bond that you as a parent build with your children, and how this influences your child’s development.

Spiritual and Transpersonal Counselling

Explore the teachings of the A Course in Miracles, which hold that your relationships offer you unique and valuable opportunities for learning, awakening and healing, for yourself and the world around you.

Cathartic Breathwork

Combine breathing, sound and gentle massage techniques to open restricted breathing patterns, and clearing your subconscious mind from repressed emotional patterns, and experience the joy and abundance of life!

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