We are delighted to start 2019 featuring our vision, mission and values at Empower Health and the amazing team who make it all happen! With Team Players as one of the core values at Empower, our main focus since we opened in April 2014 has been to cultivate a workplace environment that fosters transparency, integrity and inspiration in everything we do.

We consider every single one of our patients and clients part of the team too and we are excited to share how our mission, vision and values support YOU getting the best from being on TEAM EMPOWER HEALTH!

MISSION: To create a sustainable, cutting-edge, team-based INTEGRATED HEALTHCARE CLINIC that prioritises a healthy work environment and patient empowerment programs to help clients and patients to live at their highest potential with full aliveness, vitality and radiant health.


VALUES of Empower Health


Committed. Excited. Generous. Courageous and hungry for change. We are champions of the ONE-SIZE-FITS-ONE healthcare solutions that are founded in a truly integrated healthcare model. We will always go farther, do more and exceed expectations as advocates for our patients and members of our profession. We strive to do what’s right, not what’s easy. We are committed to our own growth and expansion, and pass that passion on to our patients, clients, and colleagues. We know we must be better, do better and ask more of ourselves than the average company. We’re passionate about our products and services, and the value they have for our clients. We pride ourselves on speaking the truth and delivering our message from the heart.


Genuine. Integrous. Accessible. Friendly. Empower Health embraces the principles of Co-operative Capitalism. We’re a company that will make a profit. Fairly. Honestly. Openly. And we’ll share the wealth of our efforts. We treat our patients, clients, partners and stakeholders as we would our friends –with respect and scrupulous sincerity.


USEFUL. Timely. Valuable. Innovative. We bring the latest technologies and innovations to our clients and patients to provide the perfect solution every time. We’re always looking for the next breakthrough, proven programs and innovative solutions to help our patient achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH. Our clients and patients can always count on our best work – right now, with heart – to be value-based, simple and always the best solution for the situation. We are committed to delivering on our promise of cutting-edge solutions—whether it’s an innovation in our operational systems, customer service or cutting-edge therapies—we will always stay current and relevant.


We’re partners, colleagues, members of our community, professionals, mothers, fathers, friends, and parents. We know what it is to seek the best solution for all concerned and strive to create a win-win for everyone. We see ourselves as true healthcare partners with our patients and clients. We hear you. We see you. And we’ll always come from a place of respect and honesty. We’re committed to providing the most creative and enriching experiences and environment for all concerned.


Fun. Light. Excited. Growing. Changing. Inviting. We want every encounter with our colleagues, clients, patients, and suppliers to reflect our deep commitment and inherent sense of joy in the work we do. Our goal: let’s build something we can all be proud of, and let’s have some fun doing it! We will always bring innovative and fun new ideas to the table, and we encourage everyone to do the same.