Where did the idea of the business come from and when?

The business was founded in 2013 by Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt, the Clinic’s Founder and Clinical Director. It was based on a growing recognition of the need for British Columbia to mobilize and act on the silent epidemic of concussion. 

What kind of things do you do to further your mission of education and policy advancement in this area?

Advance Concussion Clinic consults with independent and community schools, national and Olympic sports teams and athletes, sports academies, national and regional sports and coaching organizations, insurance companies and physicians from BC’s Children’s Hospital to Whistler and Sea-to-Sky physicians. We make every effort to educate, collaborate, better inform and advance concussion care and management in our B.C. community.  Modelling best practices, demonstrating effective, efficient, recoveries and reliable, repeatable, healthy outcomes—ACC has demonstrated that improved concussion care, from prevention to rehabilitation to Returns to the sport, school, work and life, is possible in B.C.

How is what you do distinctive?

Advance Concussion Clinic combines the most cutting edge knowledge on concussion with evidence-based care and best-practices in delivery of precision assessment and rehabilitation. We deliver individualized, guided support through prevention, baseline testing, post-injury assessment and rehabilitation to achieve the most complete recoveries in the shortest periods of time.

Our fully equipped location in Suite 110 – 1367 West Broadway provides our patients with a large exertion & movement area and accommodates our “No-Wait List” policy — by minimizing wait times for assessment or initiation of rehabilitation, more complicated and prolonged injuries as well as the potential for severe or even catastrophic outcomes, are avoided.  

We also have a full roster of specialized inter-disciplinary clinicians, including psychology, neuropsychology, physiotherapy, athletic therapy, kinesiology, occupational therapy, and counsellors, in addition to an extensive collaborative-care network to help support more complicated recoveries.


To learn more, visit www.advanceconcussion.com