Could Breathwork be the solution for anxiety?

By having breath experts in our team and providing various breathwork modalities at Empower Health, we have had the chance to observe and follow up on the results of breathwork therapy in conditions like anxiety and panic disorders. We are amazed by some of the results that our clients achieved. With this simple but powerful technique of breathwork, we have witnessed how our bodies and nervous systems can go back to self-regulation and relaxation.

In the 21st century, stress is the most common problem in our daily life. We are constantly exposed to stimuli like computers and phones. As a result of this overload, our entire nervous system experiences the symptoms of stress. Our lives have changed and adapted to this new way of living and our nervous system needs more support than ever. When we feel exposed to any kind of situation that overwhelms us we autonomically tense up our bodies by using our breath, muscles, and joints.  Unconsciously we contract our diaphragm and we hold our breath, which has the most impact on our system. This is why we keep getting overwhelmed by any kind of stimuli or emotional stress. The most important part of all, we don’t even have to think about it, because our ANS (autonomous nervous system) does it for us. It is beyond our control and it serves the purpose of protecting us.

As humans, we are all wired to survive life-threatening events or what can feel like life-threatening emotions. At the time of an overwhelming event, this simple functioning system is a very wise survival strategy, but the problem arises after the event passes and when we don’t find a way to release that accumulated stress from our system. This simple incompletion in our system leads us living in chronic stress. As an end result, most of us end up feeling a lack of energy, anxiety, depression or even physical symptoms like chronic pain and sleeping disorders. The reason for these symptoms is mostly because of held energy in our system, and the holding patterns of our muscles. By now we all know the fact that tension creates a lack of energy flow, stress creates tension in our muscular system and long-lasting chronic tension leads to many psychological and physical disorders.

We have to admit that we live in an era of deep disconnection from our bodies. We use our minds to adapt and to survive, but we don’t know how to hear the forgotten language of our bodies anymore nor respond to its needs. We live in our minds, feeling anxious and trapped most of the times.

This is why breathwork is becoming more and more in demand. The fact that it is natural and within each one of us,  as well as due to its simplicity, breathwork is becoming more and more the rising star of all the body-psychotherapy modalities. Breathwork is particularly designed to create a gentle release in your system and remove the tension in your muscles you have created over time. Breathwork is one of the best healing techniques to reconnect with your body and experience a deep state of relaxation.

At Empower Health we have a few practitioners who offer different styles of breathwork. If you’re curious to explore this further, book your free 15 min “meet your therapist” appointment with Shama or Helen today. Breathe your way into a peaceful new you!