What is MyoActivation?

MyoActivation is a trigger point injection method that starts by identifying problems in the body’s myofascial system which can be caused by scars from injury or surgery, imbalances from overuse and many other reasons.

What is the myofascial system?

Simply put, it is the muscles, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues that are bathed in a lubricating fluid that allows the body to move smoothly and pain-free. Disturbances anywhere in the myofascia can lead to pain and dysfunction at the site of injury and/or at other parts of the body.

For example, it might be surprising to hear that a childhood injury leading to a chin scar might be the underlying cause of your back pain? Or, a tight calf muscle might be identified as the cause of migraine headaches.

How Does MyoActivation work?

Once the underlying cause is determined, myoActivation can be used to puncture the scar or tight myofascia is with a small needle which forces blood into the area and starts the healing process. Several treatments of MyoActivation may be required to bring the body back into balance and reduce the pain and disability.

Post-MyoActivation Care

After a myoActivation treatment, it is recommended that you do not overexert yourself for around 5 days and that you change positions every 10 min or so. By following these instructions the changes brought about by myoActivation will have a chance to become more long-lasting.

You can also encourage the change made by the myoActivation treatment by learning how to release your tight muscles and scars with a roller or a rubber ball.


Dr. Joel Kailia MD and Medical Insurance Coverage


Dr. Joel Kailia

Dr. Joel Kailia has been treating patients with painful conditions for over a decade. He employs a variety of techniques to help reduce pain and improve overall body functioning.

MyoActivation is one of these techniques, and, being a form of trigger point injection can, therefore, may be covered by your insurance plan.


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