Creating Healthy & Happy Workplaces – Paola Ardiles

“We don’t have the answers, but we can collectively find the solutions,”

… begins Paola Ardiles, social innovator, local visionary and founder of Bridge for Health, in her talk at Empower Health Clinic.  Paola’s credentials are long, and she is well known for her involvement in public health in this province.  She is also a friend, community member, mother and loving wife.

What does a thriving workplace look like to you?

Paola is committed to making a difference in the world that we live in.  In a world where we are “bombarded all the time with message about disease,” Paola has been working to change the message to one of promoting health and wellbeing in all of the different settings that we work in, live in, learn in and play in.

Most recently, her focus has turned to resolving the “challenges and barriers to creating health in the workplace,” where many of us spend most of our lives!  She believes change is needed at the system level.

Lost time and productivity at work for illness.

Paola explains that there is more than enough evidence to show that workplace health is costing everyone money, from large corporations to small businesses and government.  She believes that the problem cannot be fixed by focussing on disease prevention, which is the standard model.

From the work that she did while helping with the Simon Fraser Health Promotion team, she has now adapted this new model to a workplace environment.

What is Bridge for Health?

Bridge for Health is really about creating collective visions promoting health and wellbeing in communities and workplaces.  It is rooted in the belief that democratic principles are core to “ensuring that people are engaged in the decision-making processes that ultimately shape their health.”  It also encourages engagement and dialogue across the health disciplines.  READ MORE HERE.


Creating Healthy & Happy Workplaces

With Paola Ardiles, MHSc MBA (Candidate)

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