– Where did the idea come from?

The idea for Crows Nest was born out of a passion for the trade and a desire to give the customers what they deserve within the service we provide.

Crows Nest Barbershop is a community barbershop with 6 locations across the country. Crows Nest was born in a Kensington Market basement in Toronto. It began as a place where a couple of us could hone our craft the only way we knew how, through hard work & creative expression. From there, we grew from one shop, to a bigger shop, to two shops, and three shops, and so on. Now we’re lucky enough to be here on Commercial Drive in beautiful Vancouver.

It’s very important to us at Crows Nest that we continually strive to create an inclusive, welcoming and comfortable environment for all, with service being at the forefront and taking those extra steps to furthermore create a community. All walks of life saunter through our doors and we see it as responsibilities of a barber to connect with people on a personal level. Providing a quality experience when someone sits in our chair is so much more than just a haircut. We listen, hear, and a lot come through our doors and there is no greater feeling than sending them on their way full of confidence and ready to take on their day.


– What are your best-selling options?

Our services are definitely our best sellers. We sell hair products and grooming things but we are definitely who we are because of the dedication to the service.


– How are your products healthier?

We are currently working on our own line of grooming goods that will be focused on natural ingredients and similarly aligned initiatives.


– What kinds of things does your business do for the community?

We are always doing our best to make sure that we are an integral part of any community that we have chosen for a location. We do anything from sponsor local art shows, events, athletes, children’s toy drives, music, culture and everything in between. We have always tried to be a place where anyone can come and feel comfortable and feel a part of their surroundings. We always want to find new ways we can give back and work with all the great people that surround us. If it wasn’t for our community and our customers and the love we see from them we wouldn’t be anywhere!


Crows Nest Barbershop

Address: 1044 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3W9

Phone: (604) 620-6784