A powerful duo combine forces at Empower Health to deliver a healing and nervous system experience through breathwork and sound that will blow your mind and leave you with an open heart!

Anand David and Helen Loshny both come from interesting and complementary therapeutic backgrounds.  

Anand has over 12 years of clinical experience teaching voice, offering therapeutic music and profound sound-healing sessions.  Helen is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and trained in Transpersonal Psychology and Cathartic Breathwork with Clearmind International. She is also a student of A Course in Miracles.

Breathwork and therapeutic music are two modalities each powerful in their own right! Together they offer you a unique opportunity for healing, self expression and connecting with your life purpose and passion.

To live a fully expressed and “healed” life, you must be connected to your own breathing, and heal dysfunctional breathing patterns.  Breathing is regulated both autonomically and consciously, and is influenced by current and past traumas.

Using breathing, gentle joint manipulation and energy release techniques, Helen helps you:

  • to become aware of your breathing,
  • to notice where it might be shallow or laboured
  • to breathe more deeply and fully into all parts of your body

Anand accompanies your journey with musical instruments designed to create vibrations that penetrate deep into the body and calm the mind and nervous system. From this place of relaxation, you begin to transform the body/mind from the inside out.

When you begin to explore the power of sound, you naturally discover the sound of your voice; sounds that you yourself can produce. The human voice has as its foundation the diaphragm and breath.  

Our breathwork and sound circle provides you with a unique opportunity to recharge and restore through intentional breathing, toning and deep relaxation with live music. What follows is a profound letting go. Experiences of an intuitive, insightful and instructive nature frequently occur. This is the time that deeply seeded mental, emotional and even physical patterns can be released; patterns we may have held for a very long time.

This is the beginning of a transformative journey that will transform all aspects of your life, and help you to live in a fully expressed way, inspiring you to:

  • Connect to and cultivate a relationship with the inner healer.
  • Develop free expression and release hidden inner emotional tensions stored in the body.
  • Regulate breath and strengthen our emotional intelligence.
  • Cultivate finer feelings such as gratitude, generosity and joy.
  • Bring us in touch with deep stillness, peace and bliss
  • Bypass the dominance of the intellect to reveal our natural intuition and insight.

Our circles take place every Monday at Empower Health at 7-8:30pm.  Introductory Session: $30. Regular Drop-in Rate: $40. 4 Session package: $140

A mat, blanket and pillow are provided, but please bring with you: bottled water, a light snack, journal and pen.

If you are a first-time participant please come 10 minutes early to sign forms and waiver.

Register online or give us a call at the clinic: 604-336-2844

Look forward to seeing you there!