Andrew Rezmer and Alex Brigham are the co-owners of the Eternal Abundance — a “hidden gem” in the heart of the of East Van. Andrew Rezmer purchased Eternal Abundance in 2010 to provide a place for the community to enjoy environmentally-conscious organic food and products and to host conscious community events (including events by Conscious Living Network, which he founded).

Alex Special Salad

Alex arrived at Eternal Abundance in 2011 after completing an organic farming apprenticeship in the Okanagan. Prior to this, she completed a B.Sc. in Conservation Biology, and she was revved up to infuse her ethic into the community via tasty organic, locally-grown, vegan foods to improve customer health and wellbeing, to support local farming, and to facilitate a low impact, zero-waste, cruelty-free lifestyle.

Eternal Abundance was originally started in Toronto by Ralph Ferrier, who came out to Vancouver to start the current Commercial Drive location around 2003. At the time it was Vancouver’s only all organic produce market. Shortly after opening a small cafe was added, which diversified the business and kept the fresh produce moving, ensuring improved produce quality and reducing waste.

Local beets from Okanagan

Eternal Abundance has expanded the cafe menu and products to include organic spices, superfoods, dried nuts and legumes, books and DVDs, to offer a one-stop shop for plant-based living. The cafe offers many raw food dishes and several cooked dishes, with the raw Mushroom Burger being the most popular. The burger patty is made from mushrooms, seeds, and spices blended together and then dehydrated to make a tender flavourful patty, then stacked with fresh veggies and sprouts and wrapped in a collard leaf. The second most popular is the Incredi-bowl, a big salad of greens and veggies, warm grain, avocado, and either smoked tofu, warm roasted veggies, or seasonal stew. Next most popular would have to be our large selection of raw desserts!

Raw foods contain enzymes, oxygen, antioxidants, and nutrients which can be destroyed with heat. Most of our dishes contain sprouted nuts and seeds, and sprouting makes for improved digestibility and nutrient bioavailability. Whole plant foods contain zero cholesterol, as well as fiber that benefits colon and heart health. Organic foods are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, reducing the consumer’s exposure to toxins, as well as farm workers and wildlife. Locally grown organic foods require less fossil fuels to grow and transport, and contain more nutrients than imported produce as they are harvested closer to consumption. Supporting local farming ensures a healthy local agriculture economy, infrastructure, knowledge, and resiliency.

Eternal Abundance aims to provide the community with all organic foods at an affordable price. We accept lower margins to keep prices affordable so that customers can stretch their dollars and incorporate more organic foods into their lives. We donate to local charities, animal rights groups, community gardens, and more!
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Photos: Eternal Abundance