April 19, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Empower Health
2555 Commercial Dr #208
Vancouver, BC V5N 4C2
Donation (suggested $10 - $20)
David Raphael & the Circle of Light Vancouver Team

healing circle

Come out and join us for two powerful rounds of Bio-Energy Healing on THURSDAY April 19th, 7 pm and stay for the second half of the evening where we will host our first ever “Healing Song Circle”.

People find that participating in a song circle is an easy and effortless experience, where the melodies, words and rhythms actually do the healing work for you. The songs we will sing together will quiet the mind and allow you to connect with your Inner Healer — leaving you calm, relaxed and happy. Each song carries a powerful vibration and has a different purpose or theme, such as gratitude, forgiveness, healing, spiritual connection or love. You can think of the experience as a sing-a-long in different languages, with melodies and chants from many diverse cultures and traditions. In a truly magical way, your voice naturally begins to merge with the group and we become One Voice together.

Event Details

During the first half of the evening, trained practitioners offer group Bio-Energy Healing sessions. For the second half, a local teacher or healer is invited to share their wisdom and healing tools with us. Bio-Energy Healing is the core practice of the Circle of Light. It is our means of producing miracles of healing. Bio-Energy Healing is intentional, powerful, effective and can be easily learned and practised by almost anyone. A unique feature of our gatherings is that we perform Bio-Energy Healing in a circle, as a synchronized group. The intention is to create a powerful vortex of healing energy in the room which causes the healing effects of the treatment to increase exponentially. As we share Bio-Energy treatments with one another, we create a ripple of healing light that extends out into the city, the country, and around the planet. Please join us for a light-filled evening of friendship, healing, laughter, insight and inspiration.

Tea and snacks provided.

Seating capacity is limited. Register early and avoid disappointment.

Attendance is BY DONATION (suggested $10 – $20). Participants are encouraged to contribute what they are able; no one will be refused entry or healing for lack of funds. Your contribution covers venue rental, snacks and other administrative costs. You can make your donation by cash at the event. Or you may send an Interac Transfer in advance to David Raphael at awakeningmindhealing@gmail.com. Thank you for your generosity.


Who Should Attend?

Our Circle is ever-expanding. Feel free to invite your guests to attend along with you by forwarding this invitation to them.

For example, people with physical issues (back pain, arthritis, cancer, etc), emotional issues (anxiety, loneliness, depression) or energetic issues (chronic fatigue, etc) would benefit greatly by attending.

Also consider inviting those who are seeking out their life purpose, are in the midst of career transition or are looking to create a soulmate relationship.

Or you may wish to invite those you know who are looking to find a greater sense of connectedness with other people and the larger community.


What is the Circle of Light Vancouver?

Are you looking to be part of a group of people who are dedicated to healing one another, raising consciousness and transforming the planet?

Then please join us at our next Circle of Light Vancouver, “Bio-Energy Healing Friday Night Gathering”!

All those who a have a genuine desire to give and receive energy healing are welcome to attend.

This event happens monthly and is open to those who are trained or not trained in Bio-Energy Healing.