July 22, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Empower Health
2555 Commercial Dr #208
Vancouver, BC V5N 4C2
169.00 CAD for a Partner pair (2 people)
Fierce Loving Workshops & Retreats
(604) 980-2673


Learn how to more easily and openly talk about your sexual truths, preferences, and desires with your partner.

Join Trevor & Jenna every 4th Sunday for a titillating exploration of an essential principle of deep intimacy. Together with your partner, you’ll delve into the heart of both great communication and great sex, as well as the finer nuances that elevate these skills into mastery.

Our Sunday Flings are fun, informative and experiential 5-hour workshops (1 pm – 6 pm) that help partners develop the essential skills of deep intimacy. Through teachings, demonstrations, discussions, and practices with your partner, you’ll leave each Sunday Flings with a new “Intimacy Essential” that you can put into practice immediately.

Sunday Flings are open to all genders and relationship models. You don’t need to be “a couple” to participate but you do need to attend with a partner that you feel comfortable doing intimate, clothes-on experiential exercises with.