i-Training is a concept that Rena Shields developed through her Pilates practice for over 16 years. She initially had a regular Pilates Studio at 4th and Stephens that after 4 years started to evolve as she learned from her client’s needs there was more to what was needed by her clients than just Pilates. She brought in Oxygen Compressors for her clients to regulate Breathing patterns, Infra-red Sauna for release of tension for better mobility during sessions and clearing of the lungs for individuals with respiratory conditions. Then, when she had her daughter and had to recover herself from a C-section that damaged her core extensively as well as developing Asthma during her pregnancy, she developed a product line of Suspension Trainers.

Fascial Conditioning was the name by which this work began under as the focus was on flossing of the Fascial Planes that dictate our range of motion. As she worked on the research to quantify its effectiveness she realized this was so much more and then this past year the medical community gave a name to the organ Interstitium which was what she had referred to as the Fascial Sheath for years. This then gave the foundation of the name i-Training – Targeted Conditioning for the Interstitium.

“The Suspension work that we do gains results for even the most restricted of Ranges of Motion as it is solely based on the individual. We provide an environment that is able to manage all levels of conditioning, height and weight. We are well versed in bodybuilding to cycling for dynamic individuals and able to get individuals to a place where movement is functional and effective even if they have been sidelined by motor vehicle accidents to workplace injuries.” – Rena Shields

The classes are the most economical means of progressing through the work with either the daily Fascial Conditioning class at 9 am Monday to Saturday at $20/class or $60/month at once a week or the i-Reformer class which is for three individuals in a group at 10 am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for $30/class or $100/month at once a week. Otherwise, you can schedule an Assessment for $60/hour and either work with an intern for $40/hour or with Rena at $80/hour.

Stress is the biggest challenge in sustaining health as you age due to its effect on the individuals Hormonal Balance, dehydration of the Interstitium, and sleep cycles, Homeostasis. As all of the approaches at i-Training are with an understanding of how our body manages Stress. i-Training aims to first recover from what has been, stabilize and then improve tolerance to life’s Stressors for a better quality of life. All is done for a better tomorrow by decreasing the levels of tension that an individual functions with by strengthening of the Diaphragm.

“Each person that comes to us can expect 100% in service and knowledge. We provide online home programs as well as education to bring a better awareness of what the Interstitium is and how our Breath affects its function.”  – Rena Shields