VANCOUVER, BC, December 14, 2020 – Psy Integrated Health Inc. is pleased to announce that it has acquired the Empower Health brand and related assets from Empower Health Clinic Inc. of Vancouver.

The Empower Health integrative health clinic was founded in 2014 by Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Rae St. Arnault and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Helen Loshny on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver.  Since its inception the innovative clinic has been at the forefront of integrative health delivery models, which consider the whole-person in a patient-centric, team-based and community-building approach.  Dr. St. Arnault and Mrs. Loshny will resume their naturopathic and counselling practices respectively with Empower Health clinic over the next few months as resources and COVID-19 restrictions allow.

Psy Integrated is led by Dr. Andrea Araujo and Dr. Patrick Callas, who have provided professional services to their patients for several years in the Empower Health clinic.  Dr. Araujo holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, is BCIA Board Certified in Neurofeedback and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor.  Dr. Callas is a Naturopathic Physician with a focus on integrative cancer care, family medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  In addition to Drs. Araujo and Callas, the Board of Directors includes Robert Nygren, who founded the ETC3 Innovation Centre located in the South Research Campus of UBC.

Contact and booking information will be available through the Empower Health website shortly.

About Psy Integrated Health Inc.

Founded in 2020 Psy Integrated Health Inc. is a health practitioner-controlled managed services organization incorporated under British Columbia’s new benefit company legislation, which enables for-profit companies to commit to conducting their business in a responsible and sustainable way.  Psy Integrated’s mission is “to improve the health and wellness of people through the use of plant medicines and integrative health practices“.