What is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling is a powerful method for successfully working through issues in all types of of relationships. In fact there is no issue that cannot be resolved in any relationship when we have support and guidance to see beyond our idea of what we think the issue or problem is.

We are never upset for the reasons we think we are…

We are never upset for the reasons with think! ALL our problems and struggles in our current relationships have their source in the mistaken beliefs that we took on about ourselves as a result of events and happenings (seemingly big and small) in our formative relationships in our early life.

These mistaken beliefs of unworthiness and inadequacy, to name but a few, then became the lens through which viewed, sought, and engaged in all relationships, particularly romantic and intimate ones. To put it another way, our relationship seeking mechanism (which operates mostly unconsciously) is fuelled by our mistaken belief there is something wrong with us!

When we can start to become aware that these beliefs are the source of our upset and conflict, we can begin to make a different choice about how we want to show up in our relationships.

Relationship Counselling creates a Safe Space for both of you

And this is what relationship counselling offers. Guidance and tools anchored in a foundation of non-judgement and positive regard, where we can, perhaps for the first time in ANY relationship, experience the trust, safety and strength that allows us to uncover and release the mistaken beliefs that keep us stuck in a limiting and sabotaging patterns.

Our relationship counselling goal at Empower Health is to help our clients have a happy, harmonious relationships, no matter what the form, as opposed to staying in unhappy relationships!

Tune in for this 7 part Blog Series for Relationship Happiness!

In this blog series we will review the 7 Steps to achieve this as listed below. In our experience, rather than forming a linear path, these steps serve as markers and signs to help redirect and reorient us when we stray from our goal:


Up next in this blog series we look at CRISIS and its role as a catalyst for connection!

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