What is a Sound and Senses Journey?

Hosted by Anand David Embry (credentials), the Sound and Senses Journey is an evening of therapeutic music offering participants a delightful music and sound ‘bath’.  Done in an intimate Group session, this is a deep, lasting and pleasurable relaxation therapy session and includes a 30-40 minute guided meditation practice called yoga nidra.  Yoga Nidra is a practice of deep relaxation through guided meditation and the exercising of our imagination.

What sounds and instruments will I hear?

Using rattles, strings, drums, bells, singing bowls, voice, wind instruments; each sound evokes memories with physical and emotional responses.  Guest artists are often brought in to accompany Anand, and add new flavour to the journey.  

What can Music Therapy help me with?

Sound therapy sessions support everything from trauma and pain to anxiety recovery.  Are you experiencing:

  • energy imbalances?
  • life transitions and upheaval?  
  • emotional struggles, grief, anxiety, depression?
  • sleep issues, trauma, stress?  
  • breathing problems, physical pain?
  • Just want to thoroughly enjoy yourself and relax?

… then this experience is for you!

What results can I expect?

This music works on all levels at once relaxing body and mind, connecting with our deep inner self.  The result is deep rest and mental stillness to the point between wakefulness and sleep. It is the twilight, middle place where the release of traumatic and emotionally charged memories, anxiety and pain can occur more easily.

Any time deep rest can be facilitated, the body and mind heal.

“I had the sensations of being cradled in the very essence of sound.” PW

When are the sessions held and how much do they cost?

“Sound & Senses Journey – An Evening of Therapeutic Music and Yoga Nidra” with Anand David and guest artists, is held on the:

  • 4th Friday of every month @ the Empower Studio 7pm
  • Cost:  $15 drop-in

Are private sessions available?

Yes!  Get in on our Summer Sound Sale now!

  • Jump right in with your first three 1hr vocal coaching or sound healing private sessions for just only $90!  That’s only $30 each, and designed to get you going on your sound and/or voice journey (to be used within 2 months)
  • Subsequent 1hr. sessions are $52.50 which is 50% off regular price
  • This deal is valid until August 31st only!

Unsure of what options is right for you?

Come in for a FREE 15 minute consultation with therapeutic musician and vocal coach Anand David.