Therapeutic Voice support classes are a type of vocal therapy that use simple songs, vocal exercises, breathing practices and deep listening to explore the voice. Class size is small so you get individual support and exercises that respect YOUR voice!

What are the benefits of using my own voice in vocal therapy?

The vibrations of your own voice sooth the nervous system, massaging subtle tissues and relaxing your mind. Singing is a whole brain activity and supports the development of new neural pathways.

This work is also excellent if you want to strengthen your voice and recover from vocal trauma and abuse.

  • Develop powerful listening and speaking skills
  • Improve a challenged, distorted or weak voice
  • Reduce tension & strengthen your voice for injury prevention
  • Transform your nervousness, into focused energy and presence
  • Regulate breathing patterns reducing stress and anxiety
  • Experience free expression from an inner emotional resource.
  • Ignite your self-confidence and increase awareness and focus.

So, what is going on behind the power of therapeutic music and vocal therapy in providing pleasurable, deep relaxation? Please watch this:

Therapeutic Voice Support Classes

When are they held?

  • 1st and 3rd Sundays @ the Empower Studio 2-4pm $20-35
  • Please check our calendar for possible schedule changes.

Are there private sessions as well?

Yes!  Get in on our Summer Sound Sale now!

  • Jump right in with your first three 1hr vocal coaching or sound healing private sessions for justonly $90!  That’s only $30 each, and designed to get you going on your sound and/or voice journey (to be used within 2 months)
  • Subsequent 1hr. sessions are $52.50 which is 50% off regular price
  • This deal is valid until August 31st only!
  • Unsure of what the right service is for you?

Unsure of what option is right for you?

Come in for a FREE 15 minute consultation with therapeutic musician and vocal coach Anand David.