Intravenous nutrient therapies, commonly known as IV drips, are sought after by high performance athletes, grandparents of the year, and everyone in between. 

IV medicine is unique to other forms of nutrient supplementation in its unparalleled ease of customization. Various components, from amino acids to vitamins and minerals, are selected and dosed by our naturopathic doctors and naturopathic medical students based on your individual needs and health circumstances. 

While the composition of intravenous therapies can vary considerably from bag to bag, a common benefit is optimized nutrient absorption. The nutrients found in oral supplements are subject to enzymatic breakdown and activation in the digestive system. These processes are often physiologically expensive and inefficient; thus the body is typically unable to access 40-60% of the entire density of any one nutrient. This is where IV therapies come in. 

When delivered intravenously, nutrients bypass the digestive system and are fully absorbed. This is particularly beneficial for those with poor digestive health or who experience illnesses such as Crohn’s or Celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, colon cancer, and more. 

Seasonally speaking, the winter months are prime time for optimizing nutrient stores to support your health through the dreaded cold and flu parades. IV therapies can support your immune system by providing a boost in hydration, antioxidants to reduce chronic or systemic inflammation, and a liver power wash to clear out unwanted toxins. 

At Empower Health, we have access to fan-favorites such as Vitamin C and Zinc, in addition to more enticing molecules such as glutathione to nourish your immune system to the fullest capacity.  Curious to know if IV therapies might be a good option for you? Give us a call at 604 336 2844 or book online with one of our Naturopaths!


From the Empower Health Naturopathic Team