What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback, also called Neurotherapy, is a type of biofeedback that uses a real-time display of electrical brainwave activity to teach self-regulation of brainwave functions. The collection of this information for clinical purposes is called a qEEG, or Quantitative Electroencephalography. This information is analyzed and a “brain map” of the data is created. From this, protocols are created to train the brain to operate in a more functional way and alleviate symptoms that may be the result of excessive or deficient brainwave functions. This usually requires one or more weekly in-person neurofeedback sessions over time for the best results.

The good news is, rather than coming into the clinic for your weekly neurofeedback sessions, you can now train your brain waves using neurofeedback technology from the comfort of your own home! Using an app called Myndlift, in conjunction with the Muse 2 device and an additional electrode, you can now use clinical protocols derived from your brain map to train your brain back to better health.

What are the benefits of doing Neurofeedback from home with Myndlift?

You get the same benefits of neurofeedback for your clinical conditions (i.e., ADHD, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, etc.) by logging in to the Myndlift app on your device! You will be able to access not only neurofeedback games but also other mental health tools such as CBT tips, journaling and guided meditations.

What else do you get? 

  • The flexibility of personalized neurofeedback protocols to train with (for sleep, mood, concentration, etc.)
  • An unlimited amount of training for the months you have an active subscription
  • Training from the comfort of your home or while you travel
  • Cheaper than 2 in-person Neurotherapy sessions
  • Track your progress and receive monthly reports
  • A discounted price for another family member to be added to your subscription

Interested in Myndlift? 

Are you a new client? 

You will need to first come in to see Dr. Andrea Araujo for a QEEG assessment and be approved for Neurotherapy training. 

Call 604 336 2844 or email: betternow@empowerhealth.ca to book in and get started.

Have you already seen us for Neurofeedback? 


  1. Purchase the Myndlift kit including the headband – https://myndlift.myshopify.com
  2. Download the Myndlift app: https://www.myndlift.com/download Please note this feature is currently available for Android and Apple products.
  3. Register yourself as a new client and enter the code EHEALTH
  4. Your protocols will be programmed and we will reach you by email to let you know you are ready to go!