Many transgender and queer folks share that they have unique challenges when seeking open-minded healthcare professionals. These gender non-conforming individuals often have unique multilayered healthcare needs as a result of having a complex history.

People who have been marginalized the way many transgender folks arrive in the treatment room with much more than their history of physical symptoms. This population can be comprised of some of our most vulnerable and traumatized individuals.  Their stories often involve overcoming vast emotional strife, challenges with depression and anxiety, chronic pain and a history of trauma.

Some of the concerns that folks from this community have ranged from not wanting to be identified as transgender at the front desk to using a legal name that differs from their chosen name.  LGBTQ2S-friendly healthcare professionals need to be sensitive when address people by their preferred pronoun. Whether it’s he, she, they, ze, sie, hir, co or ey we need to ask the individual. Often, the latter pronouns are often unfamiliar in the mainstream. These are the chosen pronouns for some non-binary or genderqueer people because it denotes a wider spectrum of gender identity which is not limited to feminine or masculine.

Gender identity is completely separate from sexual or romantic orientation and we need not assume that we know anyone else’s desires or sexual goals.  This deeply personal information may be relevant within certain treatments and will be discussed with respect, confidentially and care.

Treatment Options Offered:

Holistic Pelvic Care™ is an intravaginal treatment that is traditionally marketed towards cisgender women, yet it is a crucial healthcare need for many transgender folks as well.  This care can be very beneficial during the stages of transitioning. Delicate hormonal balances influence pain, comfort levels, and sexual arousal and responsiveness.  

Surgical procedures leave behind scar tissues, altered sensation, and altered circulation.  Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Holistic Pelvic Care™, and Lymphatic Breast/Chest Care are all relevant treatments post-hysterectomy, mastectomy, or full bottom or top reconstructive surgery.

 Here’s how we will establish a safe container for your healing:

  • Thorough health history
  • Discussion about your goals
  • Explaining the benefits and risks of treatment so that you can make an inform decision
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Establishing good two-way communication

These details establish the framework or structure that supports the direction and flow of your treatment. 

Choosing an LGBTQ2S friendly practitioner is an important consideration for the non-binary population, but it doesn’t supersede the quality of care.  Knowledge, clinical experience, two-way communication, good personal rapport, social justice informed and trauma-informed clinicians are a priority  

What Type Of Appointment To Book:

Please book a 15-minute free meet and greet session to see if you feel aligned to work with Sheryl. If you’d like to book a session but concerned because you don’t want to identify as female (for Holistic Pelvic Care™) please book a 90-minute Integrative Manual Therapy session. If you wish to have a lymphatic breast/chest massage but prefer not to identify that treatment, please book a 60-minute Integrative Manual Therapy session.  We can discuss the details of your treatment goals during your intake.