The Plant Medicine Shop is owned by Janis Young, otherwise known as SilverOwl.  It is run by Youngatheart Inc., a company totally aimed at healing from all aspects of ourselves, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual  — the only Plant Spirit Medicine distributor to connect the dots and maintain a healing path.   

Starting out in 2001, she connected quickly to the plants and elements (fire, earth, water, air, void) to produce remedies that create ripples of healing  — sometimes subtlety and sometimes not. She realized early on that the very act of feeling touch whether it’s by yourself or another, is a big step towards heart-opening living.  Most of the products from different series are salves – healing energetic medicine, from the plants that you apply to the skin.  

Delving deep into Herbal & Plant Spirit Medicine brought about such products as the Chakra Kit (10-jar kit)– an all-encompassing auric field balancer used by practitioners and clients alike.   This kit proved to be a perfect bridge for those looking for alternative healing modalities.

From the start of the Chakra Kit until now, the earth has opened, you could say or rather, the Plant World has heard me knocking.  I find the plants/herbs to be so giving and so ready to have their medicines used.  

SilverOwl has stayed true to her first vision of creating medicines for the people and continues to find new ways of delivery.  In the past few years, she has been working with the element of Water which packs a punch in the way it impacts healing – Light Body Activation & Abundance for example.

Practitioners and healing clients keep our Medicine kitchen busy with requests for individual and group remedies.  Great Spirit Dreaming, medicine in our Mystical series was spurred on by a request from The Institute of Shamanic Medicine to help 1st-year students connect to the energy and received rave reviews.

We asked Janice Young what truly makes her products so uniquely transformative; “Making Plant Medicine is a sacred process and I only do this when the energy is right.  I feel it inside and sometimes have to go into meditation to check especially if my mind has been busy.  Each time I use the plants, I ask for their energy that is specific to what I’m making.  For instance, when I make the Intimate Massage oil, as I measure out the Rose petals I ask for the energy of beauty from the heart centre and fierce compassion; for the Yarrow flowers I ask for their energies feminine warriorship and to open and clear the sexual/life force energy pathways.  An energized (blessed) Crystal is used to add life force and then the plant material is added to the oils.  
After straining and bottling, I call upon the elements, and powers of the universe to set an intention of healing.  I call upon the Great Teachers within all time to direct the specific energies so as to make the potions/remedies the best they can be.”
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