Music Therapy for Cancer: Treating the Anxiety, Stress & Pain

Music Therapy is a powerful modality for treating anxiety, stress and pain with the associated emotional responses to a cancer diagnosis.

The human organism is a complex system of vibrations or repeated patterns. We most easily relate to vibrations as music, speech and singing as well as thought and brainwave activity. We are a cornucopia of repetitive patterns or vibrations. It is through energetic changes in our electrical, physical and chemical vibrations that the body interacts with all its various systems to keep us alive and well.

Music Therapy is a vibrational energy healing modality

The vibrations we are aware of most often are sounds we hear. Our unique voice and use of words, allows us to reach out and communicate. We are constantly receiving information through our ears and use our voices to express ourselves. For me, the voice then is the best instrument to use, especially for the singer!

Music Therapy and the Vagus Nerve

Music brings soothing and relaxation sounds, almost instantly putting a person at ease. It turns out that one technique recommended widely for soothing our nervous system, especially the Vagus nerve, is humming or singing. Singing is great because it involves another of the recommended stimulations of the Vagus nerve: regulated breathing.

As vibrations are a foundation to everything in our universe, all of life then could be considered a song. When we sing, listen to or create music, we literally vibrate body, mind and spirit into natural alignment or harmony.

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Meet Anand…

“…If we look at the way our physical anatomy and spiritual anatomy is made, it is a beautiful musical tool, a beautiful musical instrument. When the vibrations of each and every note in this physical reality – and when I say physical, it is greater than just the tissues and organs of the body – when that vibrates with universal vibrations, then harmony prevails even in the midst of disharmony…” Igor Kufayev

Where to find Music Therapy in Vancouver

Medical music and voice therapy are offered at Empower Health Clinic through groups, classes and individual sessions. Conscious concerns, thoughts and feelings are processed with music, movement and singing. Singing in particular provides the deep healing of emotional somatic release and is a great form of speech therapy.  A more receptive listening approach with therapeutic music, voice, and sound healing is also part of the deep relaxation and stillness process. In this way anxiety, stress and pain associated with a serious illness such as cancer is released as the body and mind relax.