About Anand David Embry

Anand David Embry (Bachelor of Music in flute and Certified Clinical Musician) is resident therapeutic musician and voice therapist at Empower Health Clinic. A counsellor and vocal coach, he uses the power of music and voice to clear away obstacles nurturing new growth. One-to one and group sessions provide an experience of release, relief and deep rest, that is lasting and carries into daily living. With this rest comes a balance between our interpretive mind and our intuitive and insightful guidance. The result is increased insight, awareness, vitality and health.

Synergy with voice therapy in an integrated health clinic

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Voice therapy within an integrated health clinic setting works together with a variety of modalities to support health and wellness. A Synergistic approach to healthcare is one of the special attributes of Empower Health. Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes ...

Yoga Nidra: A guided meditation.

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Yoga Nidra - A guided meditation Imagine a lying down meditation practice that brings about a deep level of rest that is at the same time pleasurable, rejuvenating and healing. Welcome to Yoga Nidra. I’ve found over the years that guided relaxation that includes breath work is one of the best overall practices available for ...

Music Therapy & Cancer | “Toning” down the stress & pain

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Music Therapy for Cancer: Treating the Anxiety, Stress & Pain Music Therapy is a powerful modality for treating anxiety, stress and pain with the associated emotional responses to a cancer diagnosis. The human organism is a complex system of vibrations or repeated patterns. We most easily relate to vibrations as music, speech and singing as well ...