Voice therapy within an integrated health clinic setting works together with a variety of modalities to support health and wellness. A Synergistic approach to healthcare is one of the special attributes of Empower Health.

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia meaning “working together”.

Synergistic health care: Where two or more healing modalities used together create a greater outcome than when the modalities are used alone.

An Example of synergy in integrated health care at work:

Because singing intimately involves breathing, there’s a very natural relationship between the breath practices offered by our other practitioners and Voice Therapy. When you experience somatic Breath-work with Helen Loshny, our expert breathing practitioner and counselor, one of the outcomes is you set the ground for a positive experience of Voice Therapy. Conversely, the therapeutic use of singing also prepares a person for a great experience of a breath-work session. Perfect partners!

Body health, mental/emotional strength and inner vitality describe the human holistic healing experience. When these three aspects are supported, then the optimal conditions for health are created. This is the kind of community wellness culture Empower Health promotes.

Returning to wellness after an illness or trauma is an individual matter. With good guidance and planning, your healthcare decisions can be intelligently made. Supported by therapeutic relationships with our passionate health care professionals, each one of us help you to experience the optimal sense of well being in your life.

Emotional intelligence and mental health are often linked to physical health. Breath-work and Voice Therapy practices bring balance to your emotions, mood and mental well being. With regular practice, breathing naturally improves. Transformational breathing and voice therapy are natural partners, providing you with diversity in experience and understanding.

Singing is a natural vehicle for us to release emotions through sound. The voice has a wide range of expression. It is perfect for singing out tension and stress vocalizing our emotions. Besides, it’s fun! Voice Therapy and somatic Breath-work together offer profound ways to release stored physical, mental and emotional stressors. These techniques once learned can be practiced at home.

Voice Therapy brings healthy vibrations into your body, stimulating key areas such as endocrine, nervous, heart/lung systems, and the various connective tissues and bones. With a regular singing practice, breathing, heart rate and oxygenation becomes smooth and relaxed. The positive vibrations within the body, resets and re-tunes your body/mind system towards more optimal functioning.

Come see Anand for Therapeutic music and Voice Therapy if you’ve been:

  •       Facing rough life transitions
  •       Having emotional struggles and energy imbalances
  •       Dealing with stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and a busy mind
  •       Experiencing struggles with trauma and disruptive life events
  •       Working with ongoing breathing and lung issues
  •       Seeking to strengthen your vocal self expression
  •       Exploring childhood emotional and/or physical trauma PTSD

Here’s a therapeutic voice practice for you!

Listening awareness. Spend 10-15 minutes listening to environmental sounds. How much can you hear? What do you hear? What attracts your ears? What sounds do you dislike? What are your body and emotions telling you about your response to what you hear? Spend 10 minutes writing down your observations. How do you feel before and after this practice?

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