The Edgewood Health Network is a network of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities across Canada. Their residential facilities are Edgewood in Nanaimo, Whiterock EHN in White Rock, Bellwood in Toronto and Clinique Nouveau Depart in Montreal. Edgewood Health Network also has 6 outpatient clinics in Nanaimo, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.

The Network is committed to providing the highest standard of treatment available; therefore, all of their facilities include experienced medical teams consisting of physicians with advanced training in addiction medicine, psychiatrists and registered nurses (on-site 24/7). This model allows EHN to offer medical withdrawal management services (detox from substances), as well as the ability to manage more challenging client profiles, including concurrent disorders. The treatment program utilizes evidence-based therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing. EHN’s holistic philosophy and daily programming takes into account the physical, psychological, social and spiritual factors necessary to put the individual firmly on the path to recovery.


Edgewood Health Network’s Vision is about building hope, restoring families, and improving communities. As recognized leaders in addiction and related mental health services, they are committed to increasing access to treatment across the full continuum of care. They pride themselves in the Values of Excellence, Compassion, Courage and Advocacy.

The story of Edgewood Health Network

In April 1994, due to the generous support of Macmillan Bloedel, RBC and private contributions, Edgewood Nanaimo opened its doors establishing the first Private residential Treatment facility in Western Canada. It was the vision of MacMillan Bloedel’s EAP Manager Jane Ferguson. Over the next 24 years, they grew through acquisitions and building of new facilities until today the Edgewood Health Network offers a full spectrum of care for our clients.

How Edgewood Health Network is Distinctive

All of our facilities are licensed and accredited including our medical and clinical staff. We are a teaching campus for medical residents and clinical practicum students. We host a variety of educational programs free of charge to our alumni and the community at large.

Edgewood Nanaimo helps raise awareness every year with their Run for Recovery fundraiser. 2018 was the 8th annual event with this year’s recipient being Island Crisis Care. These runs have raised well over $160,000 over the years to support worthwhile causes.

EHN partners with existing treatment resources in remote communities to expand their services. They cover a continuum of care across our network offering a full spectrum of care from 1 on 1 counselling to Concurrent Mental Health and Addiction requiring residential care. This includes,

  • Medical assisted Detox,
  • Intensive Outpatient program,
  • Chris HoweSexual Compulsion program,
  • Concurrent Trauma and Addiction Program (63-day residential treatment program designed specifically for the military, first responders, and veterans),
  • Trauma and Psychological Injury Program,
  • Family Programs for adults and Children affected by a loved one in active addiction or in recovery,
  • Extended care,
  • Aftercare,
  • Sober Living Houses.

In light of the opiate crisis, Edgewood Health Network initiated a bursary program to provide 2 free beds for individuals struggling with Opiate addiction. EHN contributed to the Recovery Capital Conference in New Westminster and facilitated the same event in Toronto.

Our most remarkable and inspiring Projects are the clients who walk through our doors every day. Honoured and moved by their courage and determination to go to places they are terrified to go. We see them arrive from every walk of life to put their lives in our hands and trust that we will lead them out of darkness and despair. To witness small and large miracles as clients empower themselves, letting go of things that don’t serve them for the possibility of a life that does, is miraculous. Our Annual Fund Raising Run allows us to give back to worthwhile causes.

EHC-entranceAll of these individuals inspire Edgewood Health Network to further support the heroes in the communities. First Responders, Military and Veterans enter their Concurrent Trauma and Addiction Program to heal. It is inspiring to be able to make a difference in the lives of the men and women who have given their lives and risk their lives daily for the things we take for granted. They are the ones who go back into the community. Their stories are remarkable and their journeys inspiring.

Photo credits: EHN Canada