April 8, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – April 12, 2019 @ 7:30 pm
Empower Health
2555 Commercial Drive
$65 drop-in, $335 for the entire series


Do you want to calm your nervous system and release all restored tension in your body & mind system?

Come and join us to breathe for 5 consecutive days to re-connect with your vitality, joy, inner harmony and access deep state of relaxation.

Breathwork is one of the most ancient techniques that people have used for centuries to re-connect with oneself and to open up to different stages of consciousness and to dive deep into meditation.

You are invited to explore the true nature of yourself and the rediscover forgotten language of your body. In these 5 days of BREATH journey, we will create a safe container in a loving atmosphere where you can access your unique self-expression. You will be in a place where you will feel fully supported and can finally be yourself with no judgement.

In this boot camp, you will experience different ways of breathing techniques to re-connect with your body and emotions, release old tensions and re-wire the false belief systems that prevent you reaching your full potential in life. Throughout the days you will gently release your body armour and defence mechanisms. You will experience what it feels like to come HOME to your body.

You can choose to experience the full program (Highly recommended for maximum benefit), or you can choose to drop in any day you like.

Benefits of the Bootcamp:
-Release stress and stored trauma in your body
-Transform anxiety to grounded action
-Develop a sense of deeper inner calm and relaxation
-Enhanced vitality and self-expression
-Re-learn to connect and listen to your body while tuning into your nervous system
-Unblock the body ’s holding patterns that restrict your energetic potential.

Program of the week:

Day 1: Power of breath ( Diaphragmatic & Abdominal segment )
Day 2: Opening to Love ( Cervical &Thoracic Spine )
Day 3: Tantric Breath ( Pelvis & Legs)
Day 4 Power of Connection( Ocular & Oral segments)
Day 5: Bliss (Open breath session + Meditation

Space is limited so please complete your registration in advance. info@shamabreath.com
No previous breath experience is needed.

Price : Full program: $335  – Drop in per day: $60
Place: Empower Health Clinic 2555 Commercial Drive # 208
Date and Time: April 8th to April 12, 2019
Monday 8th to Friday 12th: 6:00 pm -7.30 pm


About Shama:
Shama is a breath therapist for more than a decade. Her scope of practice includes Breathwork, Somatic therapy methods and Trauma resolution work. For further information about her background and work please check: www.shamabreath.com