Naturopathic Intern Program-Saturdays

September 23, 2017 @ 10:30 am – 3:00 pm
Empower Health
2555 Commercial Dr #208
Vancouver, BC V5N 4C1
$45 - $90
Empower Health

Naturopathic Intern Program

Our Naturopathic Intern program is a unique initiative allowing Empower Health to offer some of the most cost effective Naturopathic services in Vancouver! The services offered under this program are delivered by 4th year naturopathic interns who have more than 1 year clinic experience treating patients, allowing us to charge half the regular Naturopathic Doctor fees.  Each visit, as well as all treatments, are also directly supervised by a licensed naturopathic physician, and can be claimed under Naturopathic Services for extended health benefit purposes. **

Simply follow the steps below to start on your path to full health and well being at an affordable price!

Step 1:   Your Story

Complete and submit our comprehensive online HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE.

Step 2:  Your Assessment

Check our convenient online booking schedule or call to make your first appointment.

** Collect all your important health records, including labs and extended health plan insurance benefits and MSP Premium Assistance status, to bring to your first visit.  This will help us put together a treatment plan for you that maximizes your resources!

Step 3:  Your Way Forward!

Together, we’ll come up with a plan that works for you, meeting your needs today and answering your questions – now.

For More Complete Steps to coming Totally Prepared for your first visit, please visit this page for New Clients!


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About the Author:

Dr. Rae Nicole St. Arnault uses her Naturopathic training to help put the power back into your hands as a patient, giving you the tools you need to make good health care decisions. Treating a wide range of conditions, Dr. Rae has advanced training in hormone therapies and pain management, two areas of health that can affect your wellbeing in dramatic ways. Applying ancient approaches to modern technologies, Dr. Rae uses advanced assessment methods and therapies that support your ability to heal yourself from the inside out, and not just mask the symptoms. Dr. Rae has also dedicated her life to the betterment of her community, and, as co-founder of Empower Health, she knows that healing the planet means healing people first. So don’t compromise on your ability to feel Better Now!

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