“Happy and aligned are those who find their home in the breathing.  To them belongs the inner kingdom of heaven.”   – Jesus from the Aramaic

The Christmas Holidays are meant to be a time for connections, reflection and joy, however often this can be a time of elevated anxiety and stress. We move from task to task without connecting to the present moment and as a result, lose awareness of how this intensified time affects our breathing and our overall health.

Dr. Rubenstein has recently published an article outlining how, surprising as it may seem, the vast majority of us do not know how to breathe correctly.

How do we move from stress to inner peace?
Begin by examining our relationship with breath.

Breath is something we often take for granted, we all breathe every moment, but how we breathe is an important question to ask. Do we breathe consciously using our full capacity? Or do we breathe in a shallow, heavy, or breathless manner? Take our breathing questionnaire here.

Breath has an enormous impact on our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies and life performance. We can view the breath as a metaphor for life; how we breathe determines how we live. If our breath is restricted or shallow, we will most likely experience restriction and difficulty to expand in our life.

“There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted, then there is another way: a breath of love that takes you all the way to Infinity.”~ Rumi

In ancient traditions breath was like a golden vessel, the gateway between the visible and invisible world, bridge between the spiritual and physical, essential for its healing properties, inner peace and life transformation.

By creating a conscious relationship with breath, we are creating a conscious relationship with the present moment and inner peace.

Creating Inner Peace

Step 1 Observe your breath in any life situation and pay attention to whether it is free or restricted, shallow or deep, slow or fast etc.

Step 2 Notice what kinds of thoughts, feelings and emotions you have when you go through these different breathing patterns.

Step 3 Observe these feelings, emotions and thoughts without trying to fix, change, understand, visualize, transform, heal or manipulate them in any way.

 Step 4 Feel every present moment in breath unconditionally and experience life without any analysis or judgment.

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