Using Breathwork as an Amazing Complement to your MELT Method Practice

As you know if you’ve taken classes or private session in the MELT Method, we talk a lot about the Auto-Pilot, which is intricately connected with the Diaphragm.  We can access this amazing muscle through Breathwork practices.

What is the Auto-Pilot?

Its the part of the body that:

  • keeps you upright in the face of gravity,
  • regulates your bodies repair mechanisms and
  • helps you respond to stress and adapt your environment.

It is the marriage between the Autonomic Nervous System (which is made of your parasympathetic and your sympathetic nervous systems) and your CONNECTIVE TISSUE, otherwise knows as your fascial system.  In MELT we call it the NEUROFASCIAL system, because one does not exist without the other!

Why is Breathwork beneficial to the Autonomic Nervous System?

The DIAPHRAGM, the muscle that helps you breath, is the DOORWAY into the Autopilot, and BREATHING is one of the only ways we can affect the autonomic nervous system consciously.  We don’t think every time we breath, but we can consciously control our breath.

Find out more about Breathwork at Empower Health Here.

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